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Unable to proceed with her statement, Linda says she needs to see Mick and she or he rushes out to the waiting room, however Mick isn’t there and she or he finds him in tears leaning against a wall outdoors. Mick apologises to Linda, feeling as if he has let her down, but Linda reassures that he hasn’t. Inside at the entrance desk, Linda and Mick tell PC Julian Walsh that they wish to report against the law that happened a while ago, a rape. PC Walsh conducts the preliminary interview with Linda, asking her the date of when Dean raped her, the place it occurred and who she informed. PC Walsh then leaves and returns with a colleague, PC Vanessa Jenkins and tells Linda and Mick that she’s an officer connected to the Sapphire workplace on the station, skilled to cope with critical sexual assault. PC Jenkins tells Mick that as a result of he is a fabric witness, he should give a separate assertion and Mick says he’ll do it later as he needs to be by Linda’s facet.

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However, Stacey grows suspicious, and when Linda unexpectedly will get scared when Dean is around, Stacey surmises that Dean raped her and confronts Linda. Johnny declares he is leaving Walford to travel with Gianluca, although initially upset, Linda decides to support him. Linda’s friendship with Sharon comes beneath strain when Sharon reveals plans to open a new bar in Walford, named “The Albert”.

Shirley says that Linda is kicking off as she has just found out Johnny is gay, which the whole pub hears. Linda, feeling more and more threatened by Dean, turns down Mick’s Christmas Day proposal before stunning Mick by revealing the rape. Later that day he confronts Dean who lies, saying that he and Linda were having an affair. Linda eavesdrops while Mick, Tina, Shirley, Babe and Stan argue, only to listen to Mick deny that Dean is part of the household. Mick leaves messages on her voicemail to ask her to come residence and Elaine returns her to the pub.

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PC Jenkins asks if Linda nonetheless has the message and her cellphone will be needed for use as evidence and Linda feels as if it will be her word in opposition to Dean’s and PC Jenkins clarify that in a case with no witnesses, it comes all the way down to the problem of consent. Linda asks if Dean will be arrested and PC Jenkins says sooner or later after Stacey has given a press release. Linda says she told him no before making an attempt to push him off and she informed him to stop, however he didn’t pay attention and he grabbed her and pushed her face down onto the desk and all she may see were a vase of Lavender flowers and she or he use to love the scent. Linda becomes emotional as she says she always thought she would fight back, but she froze and all she could consider in her head have been the lyrics to Pretty Flamingo, her’s and Mick’s track, which was taking part in downstairs.

When Linda has arranged an appointment for an abortion, she uses going looking for Mick’s Christmas current as a cover up. Linda additionally learns that Lee battered Ben Mitchell from Nancy and Nancy tells Linda that Lee had a weird look in his eyes and that she’d by no means seen him like that before. Linda rearranges her appointment and finds Lee in the park and Lee explains how they had sparring matches back at camp and he went for somebody as soon as and it took 4 individuals to get him off. Linda reminds Lee that he’s not on his personal and he has her, Mick and Whitney and if he needs proper help, then they will type that and the subsequent time he gets angry, he is to return and discover her. Linda lies to Mick, saying it’s a magnificence clinic her mum’s good friend put her onto it, but Mick is aware of when Linda is lying and he asks why she rang the clinic and why she by no means informed him as he thought they have been finest pals and informed one another every thing.

Stacey tells Linda that she’s spending Christmas with Dean and she or he realizes that Linda does not like Dean very much and Linda tells Stacey that she doesn’t know Dean like her. Linda shortly flees the chip shop quickly after and Stacey goes after her, asking what she meant and she can’t simply depart it. Stacey asks if one thing happened between her and Dean and as Linda is about to elucidate, Dean arrives and Linda heads again residence. Later, Linda is sat in the room with the TV on mute and Nancy brings her mum sausage rolls and tomato soup, which was Nancy’s particular sick meal, with the film Dirty Dancing to watch together. Linda and Nancy then focus on Nancy’s upcoming twenty first birthday, however Mick interrupts them as Nancy is needed within the bar and Linda is persuaded to go downstairs to assist. Downstairs in the bar, Dean tells Linda that she might imagine the earlier night time was a mistake, however it wasn’t to him and he appreciates Linda being there for him when he was so alone and he’ll never forget it before thanking her.

Bright additionally added that Linda does not wish to know who the baby’s father is as she thinks that Linda is “scared and terrified”. Linda was introduced as the spouse of Mick Carter, performed by Danny Dyer, the brother of established character Shirley Carter , who has appeared in EastEnders since 2006. Luisa Bradshaw-White joined the cast as Shirley’s sister Tina Carter in early November, and Linda was the second new Carter to seem after her. Kellie Bright’s casting was introduced alongside Danny Dyer’s on 1 October 2013, per week after Bradshaw-White’s casting was revealed. Linda was described as having been with Mick since they were youngsters, and despite not being ‘blessed with brains’, is a ‘powerful woman who will always battle tooth and nail for her family – especially her children’. Bright beforehand appeared as a bridesmaid in 1986 at the marriage ceremony of Michelle Fowler and Lofty Holloway , and starred in scenes reverse her present co-star Letitia Dean, who continues to look as Sharon Watts.

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Mick explains to Linda that it was Lee’s fault, causing one other argument, although they make up and have intercourse. After a heart-to-coronary heart with Whitney, Linda decides to return to Elaine, which angers Mick as Linda noticed the state he was in and left anyway. With Lady Di needing an costly operation and mounting money owed, Shirley convinces Linda to sell the freehold of The Queen Vic, they usually agree to not tell Mick.

Linda cheers up, however Dean and Stacey then arrive and when Dean goes to order a drink from Linda, Linda backs away and Elaine’s suspicions are aroused. Upstairs, Linda spots Nancy and Dexter kissing and she or he hits Dexter and Mick asks what is going on with her. Elaine tells Linda she’s labored out what the problem is, which is Dean, and she or he believes Linda is sleeping with him. She tells Linda that it is natural to need something different, but Dean is just too close to residence and Linda tells her mum to stop talking about Dean.

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Dean says he will get that Linda feels unhealthy, however she must stop playing the sufferer as they both did it and Linda tells him that he knows what he did. When Lee comes in, Dean says that Linda has been lying to him and the others and Linda thinks he will reveal the assault, making it out to be an affair and pleads with him not to, however he reveals that Linda and Mick are not married. When Johnny reveals to Mick he is homosexual, Linda overhears and is devastated by the information.

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